28 April 2022

Narrative change campaign: first phase

Campaign Videos

Find out more about our first campaign and help us spread the word. 

Narrative change campaign: first phase


What's the campaign all about?

It's about making sure that everyone's voice counts in shaping our society and environment. We want to highlight the awesome benefits of democracy and the European Green Deal. These aren't just ideas – they're ways for us to be heard and to make our planet better for everyone.

Who are we targeting?

We're reaching out to people who might not know all the ins and outs of these important topics. We call them "persuadable audiences." Why? Because we believe that when they learn about the power of democracy and the Green Deal, they'll want to get involved and make a difference too!

Campaign videos

Our campaign involves cool videos that you'll find interesting and relatable. Imagine seeing someone like you, talking about how we can tackle climate change and create a greener world. These videos are easy to understand and share important messages in a fun way. And guess what? You can download them right here in multiple languages

Video in English - 1

Video in English - 2

Video in Macedonian - 1

Video in Macedonian - 2

Video in French - 1

Video in French - 2

Video in French - 3

Video in Spanish

Video in Polish


Together, let's make a REAL DEAL!

We believe that by spreading the word and getting involved, we can create a better future. Want to join us?

Be part of our REAL DEAL community and let's work together to make a greener and fairer world.