15 November 2023

REAL DEAL pre-Summit. Session 2


Session 1: Introduction to REAL DEAL

REAL DEAL pre-Summit. Session 2


Are you curious about the European Green Deal and the role citizens can play in shaping its future?

If so, we invite you to watch this online session, "Developing a more Coherent and Inclusive Citizen Engagement: Guidance and Tools," brought to you by the REAL DEAL Project.

About this session:

Academics and researchers, civil society representatives, practitioners and other stakeholders are invited to join in an interactive webinar on deliberative democracy and effective citizen engagement in the context of the European Green Deal.

This preparatory meeting served to launch the development of the REAL DEAL Protocol, consisting of guidance and a toolkit for meaningful citizens’ participation and deliberation to work towards the objectives of the European Green Deal, and prepare the groundwork for the REAL DEAL Summit to be held in Budapest in June 2024.

The meeting showcased the REAL DEAL project and its progress, linked the project outcomes to EU policy development and European Green Deal targets and milestones, and fostered collaboration to scope and shape the Guidance and Toolkit (Protocol) for citizen engagement that is one of the main outcomes of the REAL DEAL Project.

Session 2: Policy Development in the EU (November 15, 14:00-16:00 CET)

Moderator: Ingeborg Niestroy, RIFS


  • Clara Dassonville, SOLIDAR
  • Gaetane Ricard-Nihoul, European Commission, Secretariat of the Conference on the Future of Europe
  • Ulrike Liebert, European University Institute
  • Angela Pereira, European Commission, JRC
  • Yves Mathieu, Missions Publiques
  • Laurence Graff, European Commission, DG CLIMA