Citizen Assembly on Food Labelling Organized in Serbia

Saturday, April 13, 2024 at 09:00 AM through April 15, 2024
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Citizen Assembly on Food Labelling Organized in Serbia

Event Title: Food Labelling in Serbia and Possible Alternatives: Road to Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Diets

Where: Belgrade, Serbia

When: 13th and 14th of April, 2024

Language: Serbian

Format: Citizen Assembly

About the Event:

In Serbia, consumers often grapple with making informed decisions about their daily food purchases. From concerns about food safety to choosing healthy options and understanding food labels, the need for clear and accurate information is paramount. Recognising the fundamental right to healthy nutrition and its pivotal role in individual and societal health and well-being, this Citizen Assembly aims to delve into these pressing issues.

Program Highlights:

Participants will receive preparatory materials reviewed by subject experts and stakeholders. The assembly kicks off with an introductory session followed by group discussions on the impact of food and diet on health and the environment. Participants will have the opportunity to query experts based on prior group discussions and later reflect on the experts' insights. The culmination of the assembly involves developing final recommendations to be presented to experts, decision-makers, and organizers, aiming for consensus on proposals that serve the public interest.

Who is participating?

Using online, telephone and face-to-face modes of recruitment, 70 individuals were randomly selected according to stratified random selection to ensure that this sample is nationally representative of the adult population of Serbia. Quotas were set based on age, gender, region, and education census data. In addition, participants are also balanced in terms of their interest in the main topic of the citizen assembly. All the participants filled in a questionnaire before the assembly. During the deliberation, participants are divided into smaller, deliberative groups. To achieve a similar level of discussion in each deliberative group, participants who are more informed and interested in the topic are equally distributed among the groups.

How Can I Get Involved?

While the event does not have an open call for participation, we encourage you to engage with the outcomes. Comment on the results and join the ongoing discussion on our deliberative platform.

Why It Matters:

The assembly addresses crucial aspects of food labelling in Serbia, exploring the significance of nutrition for health, the existing legal frameworks, food safety regulations, and potential improvements to food labelling systems. The core question: What kind of front package labelling could assist Serbian citizens in choosing more nutritious and environmentally friendly food options?


Stay tuned for the publication of the assembly's recommendations, addressing relevant institutions or decision-makers. These proposals aim to inform and guide improvements in food labelling practices in Serbia, supporting healthier dietary choices and environmental sustainability.

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