Communicating Water Resilience Beyond your Base: A Workshop for Civil Society Organisations and Citizens

Thursday, August 29, 2024 at 09:00 AM
Central Brussels

Communicating Water Resilience Beyond your Base

Water Resilience & Sustainability: A Strategic Communication Workshop

Why Join? In today’s world, where water-related challenges are more pressing than ever, the ability to communicate complex environmental issues effectively is crucial. This interactive workshop is designed for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and engaged citizens eager to amplify their voice and impact on water resilience and sustainability. Drawing on the successful REAL DEAL narrative change campaigns that reached over 80 million Europeans, this event offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn strategic communications, narrative change, storytelling, and more, tailored specifically for environmental advocacy.

What to Expect:

  • Expert Guidance: Dive into strategic communications and narrative change with our skilled facilitators.
  • Hands-On Training: Master the art of framing and storytelling tailored to environmental issues.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in workshops focused on crafting powerful messages and creating compelling audiovisual content.
  • Impactful Strategies: Learn to plan effective environmental advocacy campaigns.
  • Insightful Exercises: Engage in group exercises on REAL DEAL’s digital platform, applying what you’ve learned in a collaborative setting.
  • Proven Success Models: Gain insights from REAL DEAL campaigns for broadening your impact.

Program Highlights:

  • Introduction to strategic communications and the art of narrative change.
  • Crafting powerful messages for advocating water resilience.
  • Designing engaging audiovisual materials.
  • Tailoring messages for greater reach and impact.
  • Collaborative workshops applying REAL DEAL campaign strategies.


  • Equip CSOs and citizens with skills for effective communication on water resilience.
  • Foster the ability to create engaging narratives and audiovisual content.
  • Apply REAL DEAL’s successful campaign strategies for environmental advocacy.

Background: With escalating water sustainability challenges, clear and persuasive communication is essential for mobilising society towards action. This workshop offers practical, collaborative training based on proven communication strategies in environmental advocacy.

Join Us: Become a more informed and effective environmental advocate. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your advocacy skills and make a real difference in how we talk about and act on water resilience and sustainability.


  • Thursday 29th of August, from 9am o 2pm CET


  • Central Brussels, venue to be confirmed

How to Register:

  • Sign up on this page to secure your spot and for more details.

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