04 March 2024

Launching My Real Deal, the online participatory platform for the European Green Deal

In today's interconnected world, the importance of digital tools in shaping policies and initiatives cannot be neglected.

Launching My Real Deal, the online participatory platform for the European Green Deal

A participant of the REAL DEAL's Citizens Forum on the Green Transition engages with my.realdeal.eu

This is especially true when it comes to complex issues such as climate change, where the collective intelligence of various kinds of experts, but also of citizens from diverse backgrounds and regions is required. In this matter, online participation can serve as a powerful tool to engage and connect individuals, amplify their voices, and foster inclusive decision-making processes.

My Real Deal: Shaping the European Green Deal

REAL DEAL partners are delighted to announce the launch of the project’s participatory platform for the European Green Deal (My Real Deal). This platform represents a significant step in the efforts to engage citizens in shaping environmental policies all over Europe. Through its multilingualism, the platform contributes to removing the language barrier and fostering exchange among citizens from different countries. Each individual can therefore write and read contributions in their own language.

The platform aims to serve as a hub for individuals across Europe who are eager to contribute to the transition towards a greener future. It provides a space for citizens to voice their opinions, share their concerns, and propose ideas related to the European Green Deal. Subscribing is very easy and happens in just a few steps. Once on the platform, individuals can contribute to our conversations on the European Green Deal by sharing the most pressing topic(s) from their perspective, or by reacting to posts from other contributors. 

Why online participation matters

Online participation breaks down geographical barriers, allowing citizens from different regions and countries and using different languages, to come together and exchange ideas. It enables individuals to engage in discussions, share experiences, and collaborate on solutions regardless of their physical location. This inclusivity is particularly important in the context of addressing issues like climate change, which require coordinated efforts on a global scale.

Furthermore, online participation has the potential to provide accessibility to a wider audience, including marginalized communities and individuals who may face barriers to other forms of participation. By lowering the threshold for engagement, online participation can ensure that diverse perspectives are heard and considered in the decision-making process.

The results of the discussions taking place on the REAL DEAL platform will be analysed by our project team and incorporated into a report, which will be presented and submitted to the European Commission as part of our research project.