10 July 2023

Gender Glossary for the REAL DEAL

Language is constantly evolving, and with that comes changes in the meanings of words and phrases. What was considered progressive or inclusive language ten years ago may no longer hold true today. This is partly due to the efforts of activists who use their experiences to highlight how certain language can be discriminatory or harmful to certain groups.

Gender Glossary for the REAL DEAL

Gender Glossary for the REAL DEAL

Why we need a Gender Glossary

Using a gender glossary is important because language is constantly evolving, and words and phrases that were once considered inclusive may now be considered discriminatory or harmful. This is why it's crucial to stay up-to-date on current language trends and terminology. The glossary also promotes the importance of using language that is progressive and inclusive. When using language, it's important to reflect on mistakes and continuously strive to improve communication in any type of project.

A gender glossary is a valuable tool for promoting understanding and respect among individuals. It can help bridge the gap in language or cultural differences and ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page. This is particularly important in projects that involve a diverse range of individuals and organisations, such as REAL DEAL. By using a gender glossary, individuals can avoid misunderstandings or the use of potentially offensive language, which can lead to unintentional biases or microaggressions that can be hurtful to marginalized individuals.

Overall, using a gender glossary is a critical step towards promoting gender inclusivity and diversity in EU-funded, and any publicly and privately funded, projects. It allows individuals to stay informed and aware of changes in language usage and promotes a better understanding and respect for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

What's included in our glossary

At the REAL DEAL, we have partnered with Women Engage for Common Future (WECF) to develop our own "Gender Glossary". The glossary includes a comprehensive list of concepts from anti-racism to Tokenism to Intersectionality, among others. It also includes recommendations on the preferred language to use when talking about women or people from marginalized groups.

How to download it

The latest version of our Gender Glossary is available for download here or by clicking on the link in the image below. We encourage individuals and organizations to use this valuable tool to promote gender inclusivity and diversity in all types of projects.