21 September 2023

Citizenwashing: what it is and how to spot it


A series of online conversation to build a greener and more just future for all

Citizenwashing: what it is and how to spot it


Citizenwashing has become a prevalent phenomenon in today's world, shaping public perception and undermining democratic values.

In the third episode of the series "Building a green and just future for all", we delved into the concept of Citizen-washing, exploring its definition, manifestations, and impact on society. Moreover, we will equip participants with the knowledge and tools to identify and counteract Citizen-washing in their communities and beyond.

When it took place: 21 September 2023 at 11am CET

Where: Online, via Zoom


Frederik Hafen from the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) team will moderate and provide an introduction to the concept of citizenwashing.

Hilmi Tekoglu, SOLIDAR, will consider Citizens’ Participation in Europe’s Sustainability Agenda through the REAL DEAL project’s criteria for meaningful public participation processes (fairness, transparency, competence, efficiency, and legitimacy).

Camille Dobler, Missions Publiques, will discuss the highs and lows of the CoFoE, thinking about where it risks being a citizenwashing exercise and where it draws legitimacy.

Margarida Martins from EEB will present instances of citizenwashing in the EIA for the Covas do Barrosso mining project.