Global Climate Forum

Global Climate Forum

Global Climate Forum (CGF)

Global Climate Forum is a global research association with about 70 members.

GCF initiates and performs high-class research on climate change and related global challenges. It performs research in close interaction with stakeholders and provides a pluralistic communication platform.

GCF joint studies provide arguments for long-term mitigation and adaptation policies, ultimately leading towards sustainable development pathways. The research focuses on problems where different stakeholders have differing views, and GCF cultivates pluralistic exchanges on a basis of mutual respect.

GCF's goal is to clarify differences and produce analyses that summarize and advance our state of knowledge in critical areas.

The GCF approach lies beyond the traditional linkage between academic institutions and the nation state hosting them. It requires a capability to learn from each other in situations in which consensus is impossible, perhaps not even desirable.

GCF operates in the network of governments, corporations and social movements that has formed around the issue of sustainability and climate change.

GCF has been the first institution in Europe to apply the multiple modelling platform called ‘Decision Theatre’ and to do so in a participatory way for the case of urban mobility and social-ecological systems’ interactions.