Feminist moderation course

Feminist moderation: How to facilitate safe and inclusive discussions

Learn to foster safer, inclusive dialogues and become a proficient discussion moderator with our e-learning course. Explore topics like safe spaces, polarisation, sensitive issues, and accessibility.

What you will learn

Master the basics of feminist moderation and learn specific techniques for more equitable discussions. Uncover techniques to redistribute power, encourage diverse engagement, and remove barriers to participation.

Understanding feminist moderation: Explore why moderation should be feminist and delve into intersectional ecofeminism.

Creating safe & accessible spaces: Learn the essentials of safe spaces and accessibility to ensure an inclusive environment for all participants.

Feminist moderation techniques: Dive deep into techniques addressing master suppression, polarisation, and conflict de-escalation, enabling you to integrate feminist values effectively.

Online moderation: Navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of online discussions. Understand the digital gender divide and explore tools to democratise online spaces.

Who made this course?

Presented by Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF), an ecofeminist network with 25+ years of experience in facilitating civil society. Benefit from our expertise in moderating discussions, from local roundtables to, online forums, to large-scale civil society forums at UN level.

How do I start the course?

You can start the online course by clicking here or in the image below. 


Course credits and special thanks to:

Course creator: Women Engage for a Common Future, visit their website

Authors: Rose Heffernan (WECF), Hanna Gunnarsson (WECF), Maria Papatheodorou (WECF)

Illustrations: Leyla Ali, see more of Leyla’s work here

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I liked this, how can I learn more?

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