Your voice, your power: shaping a greener and more just future!

Voting is a core pillar of democracy, giving citizens the chance to elect representatives and actively participate in shaping their countries' direction.

When it comes to the green and just transition, voting is just the beginning. Citizens have a range of tools to influence policies and drive meaningful, sustainable change.

Here are three innovative ways: 

  • Climate Citizen Assemblies: These are gatherings of everyday people randomly chosen to come together and talk about complex environmental issues. They discuss and suggest solutions to climate problems. The cool thing is that their ideas can actually shape the policies that fight climate change and protect the environment. By having these assemblies, we make sure that everyone's voice is heard, and our decisions become more fair and effective.
  • Focus Groups: These are small groups of people who share their thoughts and experiences about specific topics. When policymakers listen to these groups, they get a better understanding of what different communities need and want. So, it helps them create environmental policies that work for everyone and make a positive impact.
  • Participatory Budgets: This is a new way of letting regular people like us decide how some of the government's money should be spent in, for example, our neighbourhoods. We get to choose projects that help the environment and make our neighbourhoods better. It's like having the power to invest in things we care about, like renewable energy or green spaces. By being part of this process, we take charge of making our society greener and more equal.

Why joining the REAL DEAL community

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